Our store is an ever-changing collection of specialty ingredients, choice kitchen wares, and of course, cookbooks.


We shop the world for hard-to-find ingredients and gourmet pantry items. Have you ever come across a great recipe with that one ingredient you just can't find? Well, we probably have it. Not sure how to use an ingredient? Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you. 

We also stock some of the best prepared gourmet condiments, along with fresh cheeses, fresh herbs, and our freezer is stocked with homemade stocks, soups, duck confit, créme frâiche and more - made right in our own kitchen.

We have a great selection of choice kitchen wares and gourmet gadgets. All-Clad cookware, Emile Henri bakeware, Global knives, just to name a few, and the latest gadgets and utensils to make your kitchen sing.

We stock over 2000 cookbooks - the largest selection in Western Canada. From international bestsellers to local Calgary authors, our bookshelves cover every possible food group and cooking style! If we don't stock it, we can order it for you.

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Gift Baskets

Delicious, beautiful, and easy as 1,2,3... create your own or let us do it for you – it's the perfect foodie gift!