Gail Norton, co-owner of The Cookbook Co. Cooks, cookbook author, culinary instructor and Judy Wood, chef/co-owner Meez, culinary instructor and cookbook author

Class Type: Specialty Dinner
Price: $135 per person
Availability: Available

Class Description: 
Every year for the last sixteen years Judy and Gail have been leading lovers of Italian food and wine all around Tuscany on culinary tours for The Cookbook Co. - and every year, Marco Molesini, the owner of a prominent wine shop in the area, strongly encourages them to bring back a case or two of Brunello for their cellars. We'd like to introduce you to why!  Come and taste a selection of Brunello — hand carried back to Canada for you — and eat the food that accompanies this great cult wine. What could be better a night of Brunello wines and the food that makes them shine?