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Karen Ralph, wine purveyor and educator, and Gail Norton, co-owner of The Cookbook Co. Cooks and cookbook author, Judy Wood, Meez Home Cuisine

Class Type: Demonstration Class
Price: $125
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Class Description:
After three flights and two hour drive to arrive at the inconveniently located village of Olonzac in the South of France it was reassuring to note that a glass of wine at Café de la Poste was still just over one euro. Gail Norton of The Cookbook Co. Cooks, Chef Judy Wood of Meez Cuisine and myself, Karen Ralph of Metrovino, had arrived early to prepare for two groups of adventurous travelers who were joining us to experience food and cycling in the South of France.

The Languedoc is the land that gives us some of the most pleasurable and affordable wines to enjoy, not to mention cassoulet, a plentitude of poultry, pork and lamb, legumes galore, tender delicate produce, cream and butter…

 This November 22nd, chase the winter away and join us for a sit down dinner featuring our favourite wines and foods from France’s South.