Rogelio Herrera, chef and co-owner Alloy Fine Dining

Class Type: Demonstration
Price: $95 per person
Availability: Available

Class Description:
Brazil, the largest country in South America - which translates to a series of regional cuisines that are greater than the sum of their parts. Brazilian food culture is an amalgamation of indigenous, European, and African influences, characterized by bold flavours and sunny spices. Join award-winning chef Rogelio Herrera for a demonstration cooking (and hands-on dining) experience that will transport you to sunny Rio de Janeiro, no passport required. 

Ensalalda de Palmitos | hearts of palm salad . tomatoes . cucumber . lemon . olive oil
Bolinhio de Bacalhau | cod fish cake . red pepper . lime aioli
Pastel de Frango  | chicken pie . hot sauce . mix greens
Feijoada | bean & pork stew . white rice . kale . oranges
Churrasco | strip loin . mandioca . herb vinaigrette
Cuca de Abacaxi  | pineapple bread pudding . chantilly . dulce de leche