Chef Instructors: 
Dana Ewart and Cameron Smith of Joy Road

Class Type: Combination hands-on and demonstration
Price: $135 per person
Availability: Available

Class Description:
We North Americans are used to getting our meat neatly packaged from the butcher or the supermarket, far from any evidence of the carcass from whence it came. But without knowing where each part comes from and the nature of its original role, it's difficult to fully appreciate the meat we eat or the animals that provide it. 

Join Dana and Cameron as they show proper meat knife skills as you learn how to butcher a whole pig - from nose to tail - as well as whole fish, and rabbit. Participants in the class will get hands-on breaking down whole chickens.

Register for both the Joy Road Butchery class (March 10) and the Sausage class (March 11) for a reduced fee of $225 per person!