Chef Instructors: 
Michelle Hardiment, Charcut

Class Type: Combination hands-on and demonstration
Price: $115 per person
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Class Description:
In this class, we will demonstrate the preparation of three different types of sausage- Beef Heart Kielbasa, Bratwurst and Merguez - showing how to mix and stuff each type of sausage on both a Kitchen Aid stuffing attachment and an industrial 2lb sausage stuffer. We will instruct on how to pickle the kielbasa as well as preparing accompaniments for the sausages such as saffron-pickled tomatoes, pickled fennel kraut and Brassica mustard. Samples of all sausages and accompaniments will be provided for the guests to enjoy. We will work with Metrovino to provide beer pairings for all three sausages and explain how they paired them. Join us for a fun meat party!