Gail Norton, co-owner of The Cookbook Co. Cooks, cookbook author, culinary instructor

Class Type: Hands On Class
Price: $100 per person - includes both days of the workshop
Availability: Available

Class Description:
Over the years, Gail has developed a thick crust – actually, a variety of crusts, thick and thin. And, starting now, so will you! A small investment of time and energy will load you up with enough bread-making technique and fabulous recipes to thrill you, your family and your friends for decades to come.

This course requires two sessions, during which you’ll learn the processes of leavening, kneading and forming great crusts. Gail will advance your bread-baking skills and quash your bread-making fears. In Part One of the workshop, which takes place Saturday, you address the fundamentals while absorbing Gail’s savvy hands-on tips. In Part Two on Sunday, Gail leads the class to work mainly with levain- and sourdough-based breads. Work through several bread-making processes under Gail’s watchful and well-practiced eye to achieve the best possible end result.