Our Classes

At The Cookbook Co. Cooks, we want to indulge your culinary curiosity through our cooking classes.

Our focus is to increase your understanding of fine food and wine, how to source ingredients – both the local and the exotic – prepare them with ease and enjoy them with good company in a relaxing atmosphere.

From learning basic knife skills to creating the most exotic ethnic dishes, from classes for couples, to classes for kids and from brunch to desserts, our cooking class schedule is sure to have something you will love... and all classes are held in our bright, new state-of the art kitchen/classroom.
Our instructors include chefs from some of the best restaurants in Calgary, food professionals, and authors, as well as special guest chefs from across the country.



We have two different types of cooking class styles...

One appeals more to visual learners and the other is geared towards those who prefer a hands-on approach:


Demonstration Classes

 Typically run week nights from 6:30-9:00 PM and feature local food celebrities and renowned chefs from our city and beyond. In demonstration classes, the chef cooks up a 4 course meal, while you listen and watch. The chef provides recipes and offers tips, tricks and all the important information you need to recreate the same dishes at home. Two glasses of wine over the course of the evening are served for you to savour with your meal. We believe that a well-matched wine enhances any culinary experience and we are fortunate to have Metrovino as our neighbour. All wine pairings for each of our menus are done by sommeliers from Metrovino.


Hands On Classes

are a chance for you to get in on the action! Roll up your sleeves and tie up your apron strings, because you’ll be doing the slicing and dicing. Hands-on classes are primarily on Saturdays and Sundays and are two and half hours long. Under the guidance and instruction of a seasoned chef, you will work with 2 to 3 other participants to create one menu item. Each group of 3 to 4 prepares one recipe en masse to feed all participants. Once the bulk of the mise en place is completed and the cooking is underway, you can wipe your brow and know that shortly, your efforts will be rewarded. At the end, you will be presented with a 4 course meal and 2 glasses of fine wine specially paired for your enjoyment.

Depending on registration and availability, public classes will be presented in either our main kitchen upstairs or our bistro kitchen on the lower level.
Please check our website regularly for updates, new & sold-out classes.



Private Cooking Classes

Kitchen Parties are always the best! If you are interested in a private and/or customized cooking class for personal or corporate parties, please check out our Catering & Corporate page.