Kids' Week-long Cooking Camp - Ages 12+

  1. Instructor:

    Chris Halpin, culinary instructor, kids' class veteran and intrepid food guide! 

  2. Class Type: Other
  3. Date of Class: Monday July 31
  4. Time of Class: 10-3 Daily
  5. Price: $325
  6. Availability: Available

Class Description:

July 31 - August 4, 10AM-3PM

Our summer camps will nurture your favourite young chef with a week of cooking, eating, learning, and laughing. 

During their gastronomic education, your intrepid young cooks will learn knife skills, kitchen safety, and a variety of cooking techniques. Making everything from scratch, your munchkins will braise, roast and bake their way to a repertoire of recipes that are both practical and delicious.

Also on the menu - global cuisine, specialty ingredients, as well as daily field trips to local restaurants and businesses who share the philosophy that food is important...and also very fun!