Glen Manzer Dinner with Friends: Annual Fundraising Dinner For Cancer Research

  1. Instructor:

    Glen Manzer and seven of his friends!

  2. Class Type: Special Events
  3. Date of Class: Monday April 24
  4. Time of Class: 6:30-9
  5. Price: $25
  6. Availability: Available

Class Description:

Everyone's life has been touched in some way by cancer. Show your support for ongoing cancer research with your attendance at this fundraising dinner. Join Chef Glen Manzer and seven of his friends for a heartfelt evening of fine food and camaraderie. 

To reserve your seat, the ticket price is $25 per person. Minimum donation for attedance of this event is $200 per person. ALL of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

To book your spot for this special event contact us at (403) 265-6066.